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Find Your Perfect Self-Care Routine Using Your Horoscope

Find Your Perfect Self-Care Routine Using Your Horoscope

The idea of the self care has become more of an aesthetic more than ever, but self-care is all about the practice. As human we tend to prioritize work and play over anything else. Taking care of our bodies and minds can help us in the future in the overall aspect of life. Astrology can also tell us according to our sun sign what self care could work better us as opposed to trying to follow someone else's routine. Candle

Aries : ♈

As a fire sign, anything you can do that ignites that spark in you also applies to your wind down routine. Being true to your fiery spirit lighting a candle, looking the mirror and saying some affirmations is a great way to tackle the day head on. Mirror affirmations first thing in the morning can really make a difference in your subconscious. And the pure act of lighting a candle lights something up inside you, and our long burning candles can help add to the experience, fitting the mood of your day.

  • burning candles
  • morning affirmations in the mirror
  • dancing it out, blowing off steam

Taurus : ♉

Like Venus the planet of love, beauty and money, you are one of the most sensual of all the signs, naturally drawn to whatever bring you comfort and luxury. Pamper and indulge yourself, in any way possible on a daily basis Taurus. Whether that be taking some more time to wash your face, lighting a candle in the background, or even treating yourself to a shopping spree. You work hard, you deserve it.

  • indulge yourself, glam up your daily self care routine
  • moved through their senses, using essential oil for body care
  • indulge - connected to finer things for upper-level senses for deep nourishing/ stretching/ bougie candles/ slow down

Gemini: ♊

Like Mercury the planet of communication, you love to chat and speak with your hands (which is a body part associated with Gemini), your love for interacting with different types of people in your life, along with your many interests makes you fun to be around. Sometimes when you aren’t able to talk with people or when you're around too much drama, envelope yourself with a good book and get carried away in the story. And right before you crack open that book paint your nails a fun color to look at in between flipping pages, it'll be more fun that way.

  • socially curious, brain buzz, flexing their mind muscle, reading something inspiration channels chatty, cognitive energy
  • need to escape, read romance novel, book poems and get carried away with words
  • hand ambassadors of the world - rules part that of the body - loves variety/fun colors

Cancer: ♋

With the moon representing comfort, self-care and maternal energy, you love creating a cozy, safe space for you to always go back to, like a retreat. You love taking care of those closest to you, but remember to also take care of yourself. Being at home brings you peace and taking a bath is another type of scared place for you. Use some Epsom salts, rose petals and cleanse your aura, specifically during a full moon, so you really connect with the universe.

  • take a hot bath, take care of yourself like you do with others
  • bath (Epsom salts, cleanse your aura, rose petals) during a full moon - connect with the universe
  • bath - ultimate scared place, in tune with tidal forces of the planet, helps them let go

Leo: ♌

You’re represented by the sun which controls life and vitality, your consistency and bravery is one of your best attributes. Your natural ability to shine and watch others do the same is very special. Remember that expressing yourself in any artistic activity can help you recharge. Try things like painting, learning a new TikTok dance, doing karaoke or taking some sexy selfies, you love to shine, so shine!

  • passion and playfulness needs to shine, ruled by sun, self- expression is a core need (inner child), learning new TikTok, sexy selfies, karaoke
  • artistic endeavor/ creative, tie-dye, jewelry making pottery, painting, release your emotions while making something
  • shine, expressing their creativity can be relaxing, painting

Virgo: ♍

Mercury, the planet of communication, you and Gemini both have this ruling planet in common but you both communicate in different ways. As a Virgo, you’re all about input and processing information, sometimes all the information you’re keeping inside can be too much. Release your thoughts through singing your favorite song in the shower opening up your throat chakra, or journaling to pour out all your thoughts, emotions and feelings. You don’t have to hold everything in, even computers need to be backed up.

  • clean your home - loves purity - keeping things clean, makes you feel more put together - air purfier
  • release your thoughts (overthinking) singing your favorite song, opens up throat chakra - speak your truth, moving forward
  • Journaling - planet ruled by Mercury a lot of things in their racing around their head (need to zoom out and check in) vent in journal release feelings, emotions, repetitive thoughts

Libra: ♎

Venus the planet of love, money and beauty, you're represented by the scales which shows your love for balance and symmetry. Because you're big into aesthetics doing things like yoga will help with your equilibrium especially in an environment that fits your refined tastes. Libra reigns over the skin, physical appearance is important to you and using a luxurious body scrub will make you feel relaxed and pampered.

  • Ruled by Venus, goddess planet love, beauty & money (aesthetics) doing yoga - equilibrium
  • gratitude journal, becoming more grateful count blessings
  • using body scrub (beauty & luxurious experience)

Scorpio: ♏

You get your strength from your emotions and you can be especially clairvoyant and intuitive. You carry energy of other people with you like your favorite bag, because of this its good to cleanse your space with herbs like sage, rosemary, etc, to cast out negativity. Having a space where you can practice your spiritual hygiene will help you change the way connect with people and with helping you trust your gut without second-guessing.

  • Mud mask (not afraid to get dirty especially when it comes to their well being)
  • intuitive & sensitive carry around the energy of others, cleanse your surroundings with herbs (sage, rosemary, etc.) banish negative vibes in your space. continuous spiritual hygiene is good for making you feel better and change the way you connect with others and will help you trust your gut without hesitation.
  • mystical, candle mediations, pulling tarot, whatever it is leaves you feeling transformative and leaves you transcendent

Sagittarius: ♐

Your natural curiosity leads you in every direction, and passion for learning and exploring is one of your best qualities. Trying something new is a great way to relax, maybe try one of those recipes you’ve saved on Pinterest. Since Sagittarius rules over the thighs, loosen up your body by dancing to tap into your natural spur of the moment attitude.

  • try something new, roam around, ruled by Jupiter, planet optimism & expansion being spontaneous
  • rules thighs, buttocks and hips (loosen up tensions by dancing) unlock emotional flow, sensuality and creativity
  • trying new recipes, lover of learning

Capricorn: ♑

You never back down from a challenge, you push forward no matter what because of your resilience. You are determined to whatever you want to, because you’re a hard worker sometimes you work a little too hard. It’s okay to take a break, catch up on your sleep, hang with your friends without thinking about work. Appreciate where you are now, you’re on the right track.

  • lovers of tradition & things that have time - tested benefits, making an anti-inflammatory meal
  • hard workers - never take breaks, take time to sleep, catch up with friends without worrying about work (TAKE A BREAK)
  • ruled by Saturn they’re naturally “ambitious, disciplined, and practical,” As an earth sign, that starts with getting grounded and organized. create goal oriented breaks (30 minutes to clean/declutter/work) and then rewarding yourself leisurely and luxurious like taking a nap, online shopping or taking an indulgent coffee break bc its well deserved, is good structured self care

Aquarius: ♒

You're all about seeing the bigger when it comes to changing the world, your rebellious nature and humanitarian mindset makes you a big planner of revolution. Taking on the worlds problem as you own can be exhausting, stretching out your muscles with some yoga can be good for you mind, body, heart and soul, expanding your mind. Putting your phone down can be beneficial for your recharging as well, sometimes unplugging is good for you regain your admiral independence.

  • Spending time stretching out your muscles on a mat can benefit your mind, heart, body and spirit. Being one of the more mindful zodiac signs, you’ll use the time spent in downward dog and child’s pose to connect to yourself on a deeper level. Yoga will allow you to expand your mind, so you can be in the moment instead of focusing on the small stuff.
  • the “chill” rebel: “eccentric, unconventional, and innovative AF.” It’s ruled by Uranus, which she says is the planet associated with tech and being progressive; thus, Aquarius is very connected to all things.
  • “It’s important to unplug and mute the world so they can tune back into their independent and brilliant soul. Going on airplane mode for an hour a day can breathe new life into those big plans they have to, you know, save the world and stuff.”

Pisces: ♓

As a dreamer, you are kind and gentle. You love to explore your imagination since you often enjoy escape the realities of everyday to best to prep yourself for a goodnights sleep. Placing amethyst by your bed can help block bad dreams, putting lavender in your pillowcase and turning off your phone at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Having this relaxing surrounding will help with better sleep dreamer.

  • Dreamers at heart, imaginative and poetic, can gather great illumination from their dreams, helps tap into wisdom of unconscious mind
  • prepare for a goodnights sleep, place amethyst by your bed to deflect bad dreams and lavender in pillowcase and turn off all devices 30 minutes before bed for best sleep
  • ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality and the unconscious mind, Creating a peaceful bedroom environment and good sleep hygiene is essential

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